Xiqu Centre Ticketing Kiosk

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority provides a vibrant cultural quarter for Hong Kong, a platform for artists to interact and collaborate. Comprising 40 hectares, the district will include 17 core arts and cultural venues as well as space for arts education, which is the largest arts and cultural project in Hong Kong to date.

Our role & responsibility:
Digital strategy, Project management, UI&UX design, Infrastructure design, Software development, Admin panel, QA & UAT


Ticketing kiosk of Xiqu Centre


West Kowloon Cultural District Authority


Different languages of the kiosk

Event calendar showing all upcoming event

Support the assisting audio guide

Support wheelchair mode for the disadvantaged

Ticketing Kiosk

The ticketing kiosk show the upcoming event of the centre, supporting bilingual introduction and assisting audio guide for different communities and the wheel chair mode for the disadvantaged.

The kiosk will placed at the West Kowloon Cultural District for the ticketing selling purpose.

Selection box

The selection box was designed as an expansion animation to allow audience checking all selected options within one page and allow them to make the immediate correction in a conventional way by skipping the unnecessary steps.

Payment animation

Specific animations were designed to enhance the visualisation of different payment methods such as octopus and pay wave function of credit cards, it gives the assistance to the audience to follow the instruction.