PUBG, Fornite, Apex Legends… Battle royale games have topped the list of the most popular games in recent years. Unlike traditional war games, players start by parachuting from a plane, choosing a landing spot and collecting materials while fighting against enemies. At the same time, the ‘safe zone’ gets smaller and smaller. The winner will be the last man/ men standing.

To experience other battle games, we can have a real-life war game. It is however, much harder to recreate a real-life battle royale experience. To kick off, you’ll need to distribute materials such as helmet, armour, weapons, ammo, medical kits, grenades and etc evenly around the whole island. During the game, airdrops and bombs would fall from the sky and not to mention, the hardest of them all, restricting the safe zone!

Dude Perfect once tried to recreate the game experience in the video ‘Airsoft Battle Royale’ sponsored by PUBG mobile. Details including airdrops and Ghillie suits were realistic. On the other hand, there were limitations as well. Examples as the balloons, which represented the health point, were rather inconvenient. A player had his balloon accidentally broken by tree branches when he was crossing through a bush right after landing. On top of that, no matter how well they hid themselves, their balloons expose them.

Hence, it is indeed a difficult task to create an authentic battle royale experience in real life.

Recently, an anonymous billionaire posted on Hush Hush, aka the ‘Amazon for Billionaires’, entitled ‘Can you help design a battle royale-inspired arena for a “last person standing” contest’,  to hire a game designer to help arrange a 100-player real-life battle royale with the salary of £1500/ day, £45000/ 6 weeks.

Founder of Hush Hush, Aaron Harpin, mentioned the billionaire is a huge fan of battle royale and that he was currently purchasing a private island for the game. Once all details are confirmed, Hush Hush will start recruiting participants.

The game is expected to take place in winter this year and last for 12 hours a day, 3 consecutive days. At night,  participants would have to camp there. Necessities including food, tent and others will be provided by the organizer. Injuries are unavoidable in such a battle game. Acknowledging the potential dangers, the organizer promised to arrange professionals such as doctors there, on the island.

The winner of the game will be granted a jackpot of £100,000! The billionaire even further claimed that if the event is successfully held, it may become an annual game! Would you be interested? In a real-life battle royale, players need more than just hand eye coordination but also physical strength and military tactics. If you are confident, then stay tuned for updates on Hush Hush!